Alessandro Luerti


Photographer and chef, he’s been working his pub kitchen in Milan for ten years. 

He has a creative mind, a delicate touch and an aesthetic taste.

He claims that feeding someone is the most authentic declaration of love.

Actually you will never hear him say so. But his dishes speak loud enough.

Have a dinner with him in Milan and you will find it.


Francesca D'Addario

event manager

With a past in advertising, she will tell you not to trust who try to seduce you with words.  Maybe you shoudn’t even trust this biography. “Turn off your pc and sit at my table” she would say. Because cooking is a language with no double meanings. It has five senses instead, and it uses all of them.




He realizes professional audio-video installations, but he actually lives for cooking. He studies, creates, invents, tosses and garnishes. His immagination never stops, and neither his hands.

So give him  a leek and he will make you happy.

Ps. You can change the leek with everything you like, he won’t let you down.

Walter Farioli